Sleep Dentistry

If you’re anxious about dental visits, Mike the Molar Dental has the solution.

We are pleased to offer Sleep Dentistry at our location in Trenton Ontario. For some people, a visit to the dental office is a very stressful, emotional event. If you have a hard time getting through a dental procedure because of nerves or anxiety, you can relax — Mike the Molar Dental Centre offers an option that could help put you at ease.

Sleep Dentistry (also known as Sedation Dentistry) from Mike the Molar Dental is quickly gaining popularity. It’s when a patient receives medication to relieve their anxiety and minimize any discomfort during a dental visit.

The sedative medication is administered orally or by intravenous (or both), and the patient enters a state of dreamy sleepiness. Some patients fall asleep, while others remain awake but don’t notice or care about the dental work being performed.

Patients are able to go home following a sedation dentistry procedure, but cannot drive for the rest of the day — and must be accompanied by a responsible adult. The medication wears off very quickly, but could leave you feeling unsteady for the first few hours.

Contact Mike the Molar Dental Centre in Trenton to learn more about sedation dentistry, and how it could make your visits more comfortable.

Are you a candidate for sedation dentistry?

Almost anyone — adult, teen or child — is a candidate for sedation dentistry. It’s particularly useful for people with a fear of dental visits, or people with a history of anxiety/panicking, but it’s also preferred by people who would simply rather not be “aware” during a procedure.